Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ours House's cat is dead.

3 years and more...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vanquish demo 2 gameplay video

Yesterday i just download and try both of the Vanquish game demo.

The demo is really good, and quite challege to play.
Should i get this game? Hmmm

I try to recode my gameplay with videocam again, and again, the video quality is bad = =

Beside the quality problem, the video file itself is also too big.
The videocam i record is in MPG format, it was already 402mb for this length of video, and in SD quality. If i record in HQ it will become more larger.
And then i use Any Video Converter to convert it into flv, but the file still have 61mb. And then upload to youtube it become 48mb......
I dont know how to reduce the size yet maintain atleast some level of quality... = =

arrrr, i hope i can get a capture card = _ =

ACER 100% complete ~

Another Century's Episode : R, Platinum ~

The last trophy takes more than 10 hours to archived.
Enter stage, put down controller and wait for 12 min and 30 sec, and then repeat and repeat again = _ =

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disgaea 4 officiate site open ~

Disgaea 4 Came !

Now only have trailer on the site, look like the graphic, and the system will be almost same (although did not expect it will have big changes).

But for the better graphic, and dual blade
Get for sure !

ACER, almost clear....

2 day ago just archive most of the trophy, 91%.
only left 1, The Last Chase trophy = =

green pink hair + cant skip, every time have to wait for about 12 minute 30 sec, and have to use all unit to play on that stage for atleast one time = =

who is the ppl that create this last chase or not skip movie for this stage?